Life is full of changes.  Sometimes families have changes through moves to larger or smaller spaces.  Sometimes families are adding or blending family members.  Some changes are planned and others are more unexpected.

With these transitions, there are many memories and usually many things.  The challenge is to sort through the duplications and unnecessary items.  I like to put like things together, create and inventory and work with the family to sort through these items. A move is a great time to condsider the things that have been accumulated and if everything is necessary; the clothes, appliances, furniture, kitchen item, toys, etc.

Whenever possible, its easier to make these decisions beforehand, it saves a lot of time and money.  Its expensive to move things you don't need. I have found that working with families early on in the process helps ease the transition.  

As a professional organizer, I am experienced at handling what may be an emotionally charged situation for the family because I have a clear vision of the tasks that need to be accomplished.

We all work together as a team -- parents, children and organizer -- for a smooth and rewarding transition. We can sort, purge, pack, donate, unpack and reorganize. 

As part of the service, I will transport items to recycling centers or charitable donations sites.

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