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Is your "stuff" squeezing you out of your own home? Do you or a member of your family anticipate a move into a smaller living space? Do you need help organizing a garage, basement or tool shed into a workspace that really works?

I’m Linda Kiel, and I’ve helped many people held captive by their clutter to once again enjoy their homes or downsize prior to moving into smaller accommodations. Here’s why I love organizing.

Meet Linda

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  • “It was a great experience working with Linda. Not only was she good at organizing, she was also compassionate and understanding about my emotional attachments to my ‘things.’ Thank you so much for transforming my garage into something useful and organized. I've already used my toolbox 5 times in the last week -- more than the last 5 years!” -- Deb
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  • Take It Slow

    Take It Slow

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  • Letting Go

    Letting Go

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  • You Don't Have to Take Everything

    You Don't Have to Take Everything

    As people are preparing to move into smaller accommodations, they may forget that there are generally three choices for the Read More
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