In my business, I often hear, “I don’t want to keep it but I don’t want it to end up in the landfill.”


Makin’ Moves can reassure you that we can find homes for your unwanted or unneeded items.  Toys, clothing, household items or furniture.  There are many community outreach programs that will happily accept your donations. 


As a NAPO member, we take pride in being conscious of protecting the environment and using as many “green” options as possible.  We do our best to recycle or up-cycle items.



Are your closets stuffed full with clothing and old toys from your children, or perhaps, dishes from your Grandma? What about all of your high school and college memorabilia? What should you do with all your stuff?

My Answer...If the stuff you’re hanging on to does not allow you to move forward or if it is not helping you to create the life you desire, let it go! It is my mission to assist you with the tough jobs, and one of the toughest jobs is letting go of stuff that you no longer love, need or want.

One of the biggest mistakes that my clients make is to underestimate the time it takes to decide whether an item will be moved, stored or donated to a charitable organization. What they tend to forget is they aren’t just packaging boxes for the moving van -- they are truly downsizing, meaning that they need to make a decision on EACH item.

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